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1-ladapad31-ladapad31-ladapad3We live and work in the picturesque surroundings of Bakonynána.

Our love for folk-art and old pieces of furniture has induced us to choose producing and painting folk-furniture to be our profession. Our pieces of furniture are hand-painted, bee-waxed, made of pine, and qualified by the Hungarian Council of Peasant and Applied Arts. Our pieces created according to old traditions recall the experience and spirituality of several generations.

One of the most popular symbols of Hungarian arts and crafts used to be the tulip. Tulips were to represent the different stages of women’s lives on dowry chests. Perhaps this is why we also often use the numberless variants of tulips on our pieces of furniture.

Among our products, one can find hand-painted pinewood pieces representing old forms and meanings such as shelves, dowry chests, plate hangers, and benches; as well as peasants’ kitchen pieces, built-in wardrobes, and natural painted pieces that also meet the expectations of modern furnishing.

Individual thoughts, colouring, and styles are also welcomed: we are keen to fulfil our customers’ own ideas as well.

When producing and painting our pieces, we attach utmost importance to preserving the old traditions, and the beautiful but fading memories of old generations. We do hope that these traditions and memories will survive through the old patterns, motifs, and symbols we reproduce in our work. Our aim is to achieve that the furniture we produce do not only appear at exhibitions, but also in flats and houses of today.

The furnitures are carpentered by Tibor Czeglédi and painted by Katalin Cz. Budai.

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